Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happier in Hats

Hi all, hope everyone is well? I've decided to start a new personal project to work on in between other stuff I'm doing, and it's called Happier in Hats. Now, who doesn't feel happier when you put on some sort of fancy dress costume involving a hat? If you say you don't - then you're lying!! ;-)

So, with that in mind, here starts the first image. There seems to be more and more magic shows back on tv over the last couple weeks (which I personally think is great!), so where better to start than with a magic themed image - Abracadabra, there you go!

I've already got the next six or so images roughly sketched out, so will aim at uploading one a week until it's run it's course.

I'm going to magic myself away in a cloud of smoke now and get on with some other work.... **POOOOOOFFFF**

1 comment:

Mary said...

Love this, great idea for a project. How is things going these days, what you working on?
I'm off to look at doing an MA in Graphic Communtication tomorrow! Very scary!